Sunshine panel greenhouse | Three points to pay attention to when changing the film in the greenhous


The manufacturer of the elliptical tube in the greenhouse believes that rust may sometimes be seen on the welded tube product or equipment before or during the manufacturing process, which indicates that the appearance is severely contaminated. It is necessary to remove the rust before the equipment is put into use, and the thoroughly cleaned appearance should be inspected by iron test and water test.

   Welding spatter has a lot to do with welding technology. TIG (Inert Gas Maintenance Tungsten Welding) has no spatter. However, when using GMAW (gas-maintained metal arc welding) and FCAW (arc welding with flux core) two welding techniques, if the welding parameters are used improperly, a lot of spatter will be formed. When this situation appears, it is necessary to adjust the parameters.

   If you want to solve the problem of welding spatter, you should apply anti-splash agent on each side of the joint before welding, which can eliminate the adhesion of spatter. After welding, the splash-proof agent and various spatters can be easily sorted out without damaging the appearance or causing slight damage.

Changing the film is an indispensable thing in the construction of greenhouses. When the film is damaged or aging due to too long time, we should change the film. Then what points should we pay attention to when changing the film, please go down Look:

1. Weather conditions Choose sunny and windless weather to replace the shed film. Changing the shed film in windy weather increases the difficulty of replacement on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is easy to scratch the shed film.

2. Check the height of the bamboo poles on the bamboo pole shed to be evenly distributed, without protrusions or burrs, to prevent the shed film from being scratched.

3. Tightening and fixing After laying the shed film, tighten the shed film in all directions and fix it firmly.

    The above information will be a simple sharing by the greenhouse oval tube manufacturer for everyone to pay attention to three points when changing the film in the greenhouse construction. Only by doing the above three points can your greenhouse vegetables grow more healthily.

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