Sunlight Panel Greenhouse | Requirements for Scientific Drip Irrigation in Smart Greenhouse


Crops need to be irrigated, and the crops in smart greenhouses are usually irrigated with drip irrigation. Drip irrigation is based on the water requirements of the crops, through a low-pressure pipe system and an irrigator installed on the capillary, dripping water and nutrients required by the crop drop by drop, evenly and slowly, into the soil in the root zone of the crop. This irrigation method can be used. Said very well. The benefits of the solar panel greenhouse are also very numerous: lower the humidity in the shed, adhere to the ground temperature, improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, reduce the amount of fertilizer, reduce the occurrence of indoor diseases in the shed, and avoid the extension of soil-borne diseases. Save labor and effort, and ultimately improve the output value and benefits of crops. In recent years, the use of drip irrigation in smart greenhouses has continued to increase, but we must pay attention to scientific drip irrigation methods in the process of using it.

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