Sunshine Panel Greenhouse | Planting Moments in Vegetable Greenhouses


1. Make full use of plant adjustment skills to carry out reasonable close planting

        Because the care conditions in the vegetable greenhouse are not as good as the open field, and the air humidity is high, generally in the case of a long mulching period in the greenhouse, especially the growing row of vegetables should be expanded to facilitate ventilation and light transmission. However, in order to improve the early production value and obtain higher economic benefits, the plant spacing should be appropriately reduced to improve or maintain a certain planting density. In the management, the side branches should be removed in time or the annual side vines should be topped. Or apply strict plant adjustment skills, and implement dense planting cultivation in the sunshine board greenhouse.

        2. On-the-spot training

         The lowest soil temperature for root growth of some temperature-loving fruits and vegetables is about 10°C. As long as the soil temperature is stable and stable above 10°C after 10 days of buckling the shed, it can be planted. And should choose sunny day to plant, in order to improve soil temperature, promote the onset of new roots. However, due to the large changes in the climate in early spring, the temperature in the vegetable greenhouses has changed more drastically, and the temperature in the evening will often drop to zero. Below C, the above ground is very susceptible to frost. Therefore, in addition to considering the influence of soil temperature on root growth, it is also necessary to consider preventing frost damage to stems and leaves.

         It’s worth noting that in production, there is often a mere improvement of the ground temperature to cover up the mulch, which reduces the temperature in the shed and increases the heat radiation at night. The higher the temperature, the better the plant growth, the poor cold tolerance, and the more likely to show frost damage. Therefore, in the evening, when there is no insulation, the cultivation period of the mulch in the vegetable greenhouse should be later than that of the plastic shed without the mulch.

        3. Choose suitable vegetable types and types

        In order to obtain better economic benefits, we should first consider selecting vegetable varieties with high economic value, large seasonal price difference, early maturity for mulching heat preservation, and significant yield increase effect.

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