Sunshine Panel Greenhouse | What to do if the back slope of the vegetable greenhouse is loose!


Loosening of the back slope of the greenhouse is a problem that vegetable farmers often encounter in facility production. Many vegetable farmers choose to simply use steel wires to fix them, which is not good. Later, the vegetable farmer added a galvanized steel pipe to the back slope to easily solve the problem of back slope looseness (although the back slope can be fixed, the stability is not strong). The sunshine board greenhouse teaches you a more convenient method, which is to fix the galvanized steel pipe with hoop, not only to fix the back slope, but also to fix the steel pipe for a second time.

The specific approach is as follows:

1. First of all, the position must be accurate when installing the steel pipe on the back slope.

This steel pipe should be set on the highest column in the shed, and then welded with this galvanized steel pipe with angle iron or semi-circular steel pipe and connected to the main beam steel pipe. Then put the bamboo supporting film on the galvanized steel pipe and bind it with iron wire to avoid sinking or loosening of the bamboo pole by the steel wire. In the later stage, even if people step on the back slope or the roller shutter is placed behind the slope, the bamboo poles will not sink, which not only prolongs the service life of the bamboo poles, but also makes the back slope stronger.

2. Secondly, install hoop on the steel pipe.

The hoop is like an arc-shaped lock. The steel pipe can be firmly locked on the back slope. A steel bar is added to the protrusion of the hoop to make the whole steel pipe hoop firmly fixed together. The effect is very good. .

3. The installation location must be found well.

The bamboo pole supporting the film must be placed on this galvanized steel pipe, and the top of it must be about ten centimeters exposed. Then the steel wire inside is wrapped around the bamboo pole. In order to be more stable, the vegetable grower can also use iron wire to re-bind the galvanized steel pipe and the hoop, the effect is better.