Sunshine panel greenhouse | How to improve the front face of the greenhouse in winter


In winter, the front face of the greenhouse is low in temperature and high in humidity. In addition to environmental factors, there are also improper operations by the vegetable farmers themselves, such as poor dripping of the greenhouse film, blindly increasing planting density, and plants close to the front face, etc., which are not conducive to vegetables. Normal growth. So, how to improve the environment of the front face?

Reduce planting density

Compared with the arched shed, the effective planting area of the large shed is small. Therefore, vegetable farmers always use the corners when planting, such as the back wall and front face, and they will also plant vegetables, especially the front face. At this point, the plants are not only close to the front wall, but also planted in the operation line, increasing the planting density.

Increase the planting density of vegetables on the front face. The sunshine-panel greenhouse has little effect on the non-dug or the digging depth of less than 0.5 meters, but for the deep digging depth, the vegetable is exposed to light for a short time and the plants are closed. It is recommended that vegetable growers adjust the planting density appropriately according to the conditions of the shed to ensure good air permeability between plants and uniform light exposure.

Lower humidity

Due to the dripping properties of the greenhouse film, if the measures are not in place, it is easy to cause the front face of the greenhouse to become a gathering place of the film water, which will cause the plants here to stay in a high-humidity environment for a long time and induce various diseases. It is recommended that vegetable growers cover the front wall with film, non-woven fabric, etc., or directly fix it with a cement board. At the same time, set up a drainage device to guide the water flow of the shed to one end of the shed.

increase temperature

The temperature at the front face changes obviously, and the temperature is lower than other places in the shed, especially when the cold wave comes, the temperature at the front face will be lower, which often causes the vegetables to suffer from freezing damage. The editor suggests that vegetable farmers should take additional measures, such as hanging the film inside, putting it down during the day and hanging it at night; at the same time, the outside of the front face of the greenhouse, after putting down the insulation quilt, and then covering it with a layer of non-woven fabric or old grass thatch will play a role in insulation.